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10+1. Exhibition at the San Agustín Center for the Arts.

On December 11, 2022, the 10+1 Exhibition of Results of the Diploma in Visual Arts Production, coordinated by the artists Laureana Toledo and Luis Felipe Ortega, opened.

The art historian, Natalia de la Rosa, wrote in the text that accompanies the exhibition that for this edition of the Diploma in Visual Arts Production of the Center for the Arts, San Agustín, Etla.

ROOM TEXT (free translation)

10 + 1

For this edition of the Diploma in Visual Arts of the Center for the Arts, San Agustín Etla, Oaxaca, we observe a network of works and themes that coincide in both diverse and strategic points, through the work of Dell Alvarado, Valeria Arendar, Miguel Cinta Robles , Iliana García, Karina García, Ramón Llaven, Abril Salgado and Raúl Villaseñor. Through media, sometimes intermingled, such as photography, poetry, ceramics, video, sculpture and painting, we recognize gazes and spatial approaches where the themes that stand out are: landscape, memory, the unexpected, the suspense and encounter

The particularity of these proposals lies in the fact that the creators make use of visual production, archival work, the study of the environment, the construction of maps, the configuration of scenes and narratives, with the aim of addressing different problems. A kind of links can be traced between each of these searches: rituality, expectation, contemplation and systematization.

It seems that the +1 in this space refers to power. Although it has a specific reference, which implies a presence/absence, it can also be extended in its sign condition to open up what can be.

Lotty Rosenfeld used the + sign during the Chilean dictatorship as a protest, as well as urban poetry. This time, the element is reused not as a negative indicator, but rather the code is intended to make sense of a future condition as well. In each of these pieces is that extension of possibility that, as a whole, grows in strength.

Natalia de la Rosa


(free translation)

"Common garden"

We activate the space of resonance by looking at others who are watching us. We imagine tomorrows that have not yet been born and we talk about some that we live or listen to in order to create a common garden.

Our ideas pollinated, crossed, hybridized, mutated; We nurtured processes and dialogues were born in the community.

We allow ourselves to feel the land, the family history, the poem, the word, the sound, the game, the ritual, the fantastic imaginary and we ask ourselves: where will our actions grow?

We shared and recognized the territory, we created roots to listen and be heard.

We sow questions that generated self-knowledge, we transmute the discourse.

We created a forest to accompany us and not feel alone.

You can visit the exhibition in the Multipurpose Room from Monday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The exhibition will be present until January 15, 2023.

happy New Year!

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