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Updated: Jan 2, 2023

The third module took place from October 26 to 30 and was led by the artist and linguist Víctor Mortales.

Unlike the first modules, where we presented our projects and received the first criticism regarding the progress we had made, the main axis of this one was the opening towards other artistic expressions that are happening in the city of Oaxaca and teamwork to generate reflections that are useful to us for our creative process and the projects we are carrying out.

On Monday, Victor presented us with the work schedule that we were going to follow for the week, where we agreed that Tuesday and Wednesday we would be in the center of the city to see a series of exhibitions and do a series of exercises. Finally, on Thursday and Friday we would present the progress of our projects and finish a group dynamic.


The third module was quite a refreshing change from the previous two, not because it was better, but rather it established something that is needed when it comes to addressing the issues that our projects raise. I mean, when you're producing, at some point you have to see other things, other works, exhibitions, etc., to create distance from what you do; You can also search for works or works similar to what you are doing so you can see how other artists solved it.

An art project is a demanding undertaking, requiring attention and concentration for an extended period of time. The issue there is that you stop seeing many things and lose critical distance. It doesn't always happen, but it is a possibility. Realizing this is fundamental to being able to produce the best work possible.

Tuesday and Wednesday we met at the Institute of Graphic Arts of Oaxaca (IAGO) as a meeting point. The first day we visited Object Buffet, a space that belongs to the artist Karina García, who is also part of the diploma course; then we went to the San Pablo Cultural Center; and finally we were at the Textile Museum. For the second day we gave a small tour in the Ethnobotanical Garden; we had a visit to the Museum of Oaxacan Painters (MUPO) to see Luis Hampshire's exhibition, “Amalgama”, with everything and his comments; and in the end we stopped at Yope Project Space to see his exhibition Pain/things Vol.2 and his Ben'zaa project, where Andy Medina, an artist part of the Yope collective, guided us.

Those two days were invigorating, seeing other people's work always motivates me to do my own. Art, although it seems an act of individual execution, is actually, directly and indirectly, collective. No one does everything alone.



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